Wirral Christian Centre Watch


In his 1988 book 'Love In Action' Rev. Paul Epton wrote, "We are going to build a Christian community of such integrity, such quality, such authority, that society will have to take notice of it." — Years after those words were written, and despite moving to the Oxton Congregational Church, the Wirral Christian Centre still remains largely unnoticed.

It was the only book written by Rev. Paul Epton to be published and was quickly out of print due to it's limited print run and critical failure. In it's pages Epton writes of ambitious programs he claimed to be "promised" by God. However, nearly all of the programs he wrote about collapsed in failure or never happened at all.

Faced with questions about why prophecies he outlined in the book had not come to fruition, Rev. Epton attempted to recall the book in 1996. From the pulpit he told his congregation that their copies of the book were "needed in Africa" though many suspected the pastor was simply trying to erase evidence of the failures the book had come to represent.

Read today it's hard to see the book as anything other than a catalog of failure and ego. It's harshly reviewed by readers on Amazon as "shockingly unpleasant," "nauseatingly arrogant," and a "self-congratulatory egotistical work of over embellished stories."

We've embedded a link to the book below. You can also download the PDF from the source.

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