Wirral Christian Centre

Wirral Christian Centre : Is it Abusive?

The Wirral Christian Centre has often been accused of being a spiritually abusive church. Abusive churches are usually characterised by strong, control-oriented leadership. These leaders use guilt, fear, and intimidation to manipulate members and keep them 'in line.

In abusive churches the questioning of leadership is often seen as being disobedient or disruptive and is rarely encouraged. People who don't follow 'the rules' or who threaten exposure are often dealt with harshly and with very little obvious love of mercy. Disfellowshipments (excommunications) from the church are common. For those who leave, or who are asked to leave, the road back to normality is often difficult.

The following is a collection of links related to the problem of spiritual abuse that some people may find helpful. The links should help you learn more about the subtle problems and effects of spiritual abuse.

What is Spiritual Abuse?

The Signs Of Spiritual Abuse
By Steven Lambert, ThD.

Elements of Spiritual Abuse
An examination of some common traits of spiritual abuse.

A Pastors Authority
A examination of the authority of a Pastor by Raymond Charles Stedman.

The Abuse of Authority by Leadership
By Peter E. Openshaw.

Leadership in the Church
By Paul Winslow.

Authority Unlimited : Questioning church leadership
By Mary Alice Chrnalogar, author of the book Twisted Scriptures.

Cultism in the Church
By T. Pierce Brown.

The Cult Church
A look at 'good churches' that turn into cults and neo-cults by Marlene Jones-Skurtu. (Also available in PDF.)

Abusive Churches
By Pat Zukeran of Probe Ministries.

Uncovering Churches That Abuse
Questions that help determine whether or not a church is abusive. From Dr. Ronald Enroth's book Recovering from Churches That Abuse

Authoritarianism in the International Churches of Christ
By Dr. Ronald Enroth.

Eight Distinctives of an Aberrational Christian Group
From the NEIRR (New England Institute of Religious Research).

Elements Of Spiritual Abuse
Overview of the seven characteristics of shame-based relationships as presented in "The Subtle Power Of Spiritual Abuse".

Is Your Church Free From Cultic Tendencies? - a Checklist
From the October, 1991 Spiritual Counterfeits Project Newsletter.

The Power Abusers: When follow-the-leader becomes a dangerous game
Dr. Ronald Enroth takes a look at "shepherding" and "discipling."

Stop Spiritual Abuse
Focusing on the issue of spiritual abuse in Bible based churches.

Recovery from Spiritual Abuse
By Sharon Hilderbrant, M.A.

Spiritual Abuse Recovery
Resources and support for people recovering from spiritual abuse.

Voices From The Fringe
Former members report the tragedy of churches that drift into the distorted behaviour more expected of a cult. By Dr. Ron Enroth.

What do (Abusive) Churches and Cults Have in Common?
Adapted from The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse by David Johnson and Jeff VanVonderen.

Myths and Facts About Cult Involvement
Reprint from the Sep/Oct 1995 Free Minds Journal.

Fear and Guilt: Recovering From Performance-Based Relationships
From churchabuse.com

Abusive pastors found in all denominations
By Craig and Arla Ford.

Biblical faith vs Blind faith
By by Kerry Gilliard.

Christians Criticizing Christians : Can it be Biblical?
By Bob and Gretchen Passantino.

Why I left Elim
By Bryan Muirden.

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